News from MI

8th BALKAN MINING CONGRESS held in Belgrade on 28-30. in September organized by the Mining Institute. Presented 92 papers, 208 authors from 23 countries, excluding Africa from all continents. Published Proceedings, 808 pages.

THE MONOGRAPH MINERAL-RAW MATERIAL COMPLEX OF KOSOVO AND METOHIJA has been published by the Mining Institute Belgrade and the Geological Survey of Serbia. Eleven authors worked on the monograph, in addition to Professor Dr. Slobodan Vujić, editor-in-chief, participated in writing the monograph: Prof. Dr. Rade Jelenković, Prof. Dr. Dragoman Rabrenović, Dr. Milinko Radosavljević, Prof. Dr. Nadežda Ćalić, Prof. Dr. Branislav Nikolic, Grad. Eng. Svetlana Simić, Dr. Svetomir Maksimović, Grad. Eng. Simo Mojić, Dr. Miomir Komatina and Dr. Branko Miladinović.
The complex topic is rationally, completely, professionally acceptable to a wider circle of readers, systematized on 332 pages in eight chapters: Historical vertical of Serbian mining; Geological structure of the area of Kosovo and Metohija; Non-ferrous metal ore deposits and exploitation; Coal deposits and exploitation; Deposits and exploitation of non-metallic minerals; Hydrogeological potentials; Reconstruction, development and collapse; and Realizations with 1467 bibliographic units.

THE MONOGRAPH OF SIX DECADES OF THE MINING INSTITUTE BELGRADE has been published by the Mining Institute Belgrade. The sixtieth birthday of the Mining Institute inspired the author, Professor Dr. Slobodan Vujić, to research the past and facts about the achievements and contributions of the Institute to mining, mining science and engineering. On 400 pages, numerous scientific, technical and technological details, bibliography with nearly 7,300 items and other factual contributions with photographs, testify to the achievements of the Institute, from its founding until today. The book includes a CD with a short documentary about the Institute.

CAPITAL WORKS PERFORMED on the renovation of the main building of the Mining Institute: the roof covering was replaced, the electrical installation was partially reconstructed, the interior was adapted and arranged, the facade was renovated, the window joinery was replaced, the green areas were renovated, etc. View photo and video gallery.

ELECTION OF DIRECTOR OF THE MINING INSTITUTE. Dr. Milinko Radosavljević, graduated mining engineer, with the full support of the Assembly, the Scientific Council, and the consent of the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development of the Republic of Serbia, was elected director of the Mining Institute for the new period.