BELGRADE 28 – 29. 11. 2024.


With the aim of establishing an efficient dialogue on current problems, scientific, professional, innovational and manufacturing developments and trends in mining and geology, the Mining Institute in Belgrade, with the support of the Ministry of Science Technological development and Innovation and Electric Power Industry of Serbia, organizes the international scientific assembly “Mining and Geology Today”. Our wish is for the Symposium to become a stable link, connecting experts from the Balkan and other countries, with a view to establishing the diagnostics and evaluation of the state, presenting results, exchanging experiences and knowledge, introducing ideas and innovations in mining and geology. These goals are accomplishable by joint efforts; therefore, it is our pleasure to invite you to support our intention by participating in the preparation and work of the Symposium, and we invite the companies to become partners of the Symposium.

• Exploitation of mineral resources (underground, surface, underwater, combined, exploitation of oil and gas)
• Mineral Processing
• Logistical mining processes
• Geology (mining geology, engineering and hydrogeology, geotechnics, geophysics, etc.)
• Environmental protection and occupational safety
• Water protection of mines and landfills
• Recultivation, revitalization and restoration of degraded surfaces
• Economics of the mineral resource complex
• Standards, legislative and normative regulations
• Risks and risk management
• Education of mining and geological experts
• Mining and Archeology
• Artificial Intelligence – application in Mining and Geology
• Sustainable Mining

The abstract in Serbian and English, up to 400 words, must be submitted by May 15th, 2024 in electronic form to the email address

A detailed instruction for preparing the papers (template) will be delivered to the authors with a notification of topic’s acceptance, by 15th Јune 2024. The papers can be in the Serbian or English language, up to 10 pages in total of text and graphic attachment appendices.

15. 05. 2024.  The deadline for submitting abstracts and topic of the paper.

15. 06. 2024.  The notification of acceptance for the topic of the paper (at the latest).

31. 08. 2024.  The deadline for submitting papers

31. 10. 2024.  The second statement with the program of the Symposium.

The registration fee is 200 euros, payable in the dinar equivalent, 150 euros for doctoral students and subscribers to the “Bulletin of Mines”. The registration fee includes: the collection of papers, the accompanying materials, the cocktail and the formal dinner.


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