Founded six decades ago at the initiative and using the means of the mining industry, the Mining Institute is scientifically, development-research and in a designing sense, the framework of construction, technical-technological and production ascension of the Yugoslavian and Serbian mining in the second half of the XX century. Through hiring of the top scientific and engineering experts, the Mining Institute has become a sort of an engineering school that provided the best researchers, designers, university professors and bearers of the development of the mineral-ore complex of our nation. The contributions of the Mining Institute are not only the successfully realized scientific, development-research, innovative and industrial projects, but the development and application of new mining technologies, testing, laboratory and measurement methods, new mathematical-model approaches in engineering of mining etc.

In this sense the following should be mentioned: development and application of analogue models of mining ventilation networks (1969); Procurement of the digital computer Hewlett Packard 9810 (1973), introduction into regular experimental and engineering procedures of the mathematical-model and simulation methods; Later on the development and application of photo-elastic models in the analysis of the amperage – deformation states of the rocky masses, application of geo-statistics in analysis and designing, the development of the “Sol” package for basin processing and designing of the open pits etc.

The associates of the MI have conducted over 50 scientific-research, development and innovation projects with the financial support of the Department of science and technological development of the Republic of Serbia. At the Institute numerous software solutions were developed and 11 technologies and procedures patented.

Scientific-research, developmental, innovative and project activities of the MI are oriented towards the areas of:

Exploitation of mineral ores (underground, surface and underwater),

Physical-mechanical properties of the rock masses, rock and soil mechanics,

Preparation of mineral ores,

Mine ventilation and technical protection,

Environment preservation, reclamation and landscaping of the degraded area,

Thermo-technics and fuel consumption,

Designing and construction of mining facilities and infrastructure,

Electric power supply to the mining facilities

Computer integrated technologies,

Mineral industry economy.

The expert contributions of the MI are also numerous and have had a decisive impact on the improvement and creation of Yugoslavian and Serbian mining, mining science and engineering.