General information

Scientific, research, developmental, innovational and engineering creative – designing activities of the Mining Institute are oriented towards extraction and mineral processing, rock and soil mechanics, mine ventilation, protection of living and working environments, reclamation and rehabilitation of degraded landscapes, thermodynamics and fuel combustions, mining facilities and infrastructure, electric power supply, mining geology, hydrogeology, system engineering, supervision, control and management of mining processes, computer integrated technologies and mining economics.

The Institute is state-owned, and generates income by selling research and engineering creative services on the domestic and foreign markets, and, to a smaller degree, by participating in scientific and innovational projects financed by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development of the Republic of Serbia.

The Institute was the leading Yugoslav, nowadays Serbian, internationally respected institution for mining sciences and engineering. Over 5000 projects have been done at the Institute for the needs of mines and industry, over 50 scientific and research projects have been realized, and 11 technologies and procedures have been patented. More than 70 mines have been opened in Serbia and abroad in accordance with project solutions of the Institute, over 40
plants for mineral processing and coal cleaning have become operative, along with more than 20 waste and tailings disposal sites and ash and slag landfills.

The Institute is a significant publisher of periodicals and publications in the fields of mining, geology, mining economics, geostatistics and systems sciences. It is the publisher of the oldest scientific magazine in the Balkans for the field of mining, “Mining Gazette” (1903).