Journal “Bulletin of Mines”

Bulletin of Mines, a journal for mining and mining industry, appeared in early 1903. The owner and editor was Petar Ilić, B.Sc. of Mining. For the first two years, the journal was published once a month, on two printing sheets. It was published regularly until 1908, was discontinued in 1909, but was published again in 1910. During that year, Ilić retired, and he no longer had the possibility to finance the journal. The topics of the journal were various, from discussions on ore deposits, through geological topics, tasks and state of mining in Serbia, opening mines, mining terminology, opening mining schools, all to the topic of scientific achievements, mining in neighboring countries, mining law, etc. Bulletin of Mines, as the only mining journal in Serbia in that period, played a significant role in preserving the facts about Serbian mining in the period from 1903 to 1910. A copy of the first issue of Mining Gazette was added to the renewed edition of Bulletin of Mines, Issue 1, 2015.

Petar Ilić (1863-1941) and the front pages of the first issues of Bulletin of Mines, 1903, 1962, 2014.

After the establishment of the Mining Institute in 1960, an initiative for renewing the publication of the journal was taken, and the first issue of the renewed Bulletin of Mines appeared in 1962. Very soon, Bulletin of Mines became one of the most notable scientific journals for mining, and it was published regularly until 1999, when the publication was discontinued due to material and other problems. The break lasted until 2014, when the conditions for the third start, i.e. the continuation of publishing Bulletin of Mines, were met.

The numbers of the Bulletin of Mines from 1903 to 1999 can be obtained from the Mining Institute Library