The assignments of the Department for the preparation of mineral ores and designing are development and innovative research, characterization of the products of the preparation process of mineral ores, laboratory semi-industrial and industrial testing of the enrichment and refi ning of mineral and waste ores, purifi cation of waste waters, improvement and development of more advanced technological solutions, designing of facilities for PMO, hydro-transport systems, infrastructure and logistical facilities, depots of fl otation tailings, fl ying and bottom ash and industrial waste materials. A part of these assignments are the technical control and receipt of facilities, guarantee and operational examinations of technical and technological performances of facilities, monitoring of depots and tailing depots, production of project investment-technical documentation for mining, energy and industrial facilities, machine and electro energetic installations and facilities, construction objects tall and low, bridges, steel and concrete constructions, climate and heating systems, hydro-technical facilities, pipelines and sewage, artifi cial rain systems etc.

The laboratory for the preparation of mineral ores is a part of this department and is unique in terms of the capabilities of conventional laboratory and semi-industrial complex examinations and experimental testing research. It is equipped with devices for crushing, sieving, classification, gravitational and flotation concentration, briquetting and pelletisation, and a test facility for real time condition simulation, testing and determination of hydro transport parameters. The laboratory also does the determination of the granulometric composition, Bonds work index, whiteness of carbonate ores, magnetic fraction, sink-swim analysis, fall resistance, water resistance and shutter test for solid fuels, sediment testing, suspension viscosity etc.

The complete development-research and designing contributions and results the department has made to the Yugoslavian and Serbian mining and industry are difficult to list. Th ere is no flotation, separation or a facility for the preparation of mineral ores which are important in Yugoslavia and Serbia, in whose designing, construction surveillance or other activities the department had not been a part of, among these are the flotation facilities of polymetallicores in Bor, Majdanpek, Veliki Krivelj, Rudnik, Veliki majdan, Blagodat (Grot), Kišnica, Leposavić, Suva ruda, Stari trg – Trepča, Srebrenica, Lece, Sasa etc.

There is also the solution of the phosphate concentration facility for the Jordanian phosphate mines, separation of the iron ore in Omarsk, the uranium facility of the Žirovski vrh mine, several separations of non-metallic mineral ores and facilities for grinding and production of stone granulates.
Th ere are also numerous coal purification facilities and those are: mines of Aleksinac, brown coal mine of Bogovina, mines of Ibar, mining basin of Kolubara, mining energy and chemical combine Kosovo – Obilić, thermal plants and pits of Kostolac, lignite mine Lubnica, Rembas, brown coal mine Soko, brown coal mine Štavalj, mine and thermal plant Ugljevik, mine and thermal plant Gacko etc.

In the conglomerate of engineering results of the department are also the projects of flotation tailing depots, flying and bottom ash depots from thermal plants, the most signifi cant of these facilities being: Bor, Majdanpek, TP Nikola Tesla Obrenovac, Kostolac, Rudnik, Trepča, Gacko, Pljevlja etc.

The contributions to science and engineering made by the associates of the department are reflected in hundreds of published scientific and expert papers, patents, realized scientific, technological and innovative projects of the Department of education, science and technological development, acknowledged technical solutions, starting and organization of scientific and expert gatherings, and the crown of these activities is the organization of the XVI Balkan mineral processing congress (Belgrade, 17 – 21. June 2015.) with participants from 26 countries.

Th rough its expertise and integrated management system and licensing, the Department for the preparation of mineral ores fulfills all conditions for accreditation and is of merit to its area of expertise.