UNIVERSITY OF BELGRADE, FACULTY OF PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY, 06/25/2020, MSc phys. chem. Sandra Petkovicresearch associate of the Mining Institute of Belgrade, defended a doctoral dissertation with a topic “Kinetics of adsorption and hydrodynamic cavitation removal of phenol from wastewater”, mentor Dr Borivoj Adnadjevic, full professor at the Faculty of Physical Chemistry, University of Belgrade.

On the occasion of three significant anniversaries of Serbian geological science and engineering, at a ceremony at the Geological Survey of Serbia, on December 24, 2019, it was presented to the Mining Institute of Тhank-you note for successful cooperation, and to the Assistant Director of Science, the Charter for outstanding contribution in promoting geology and successful cooperation. View photo and video gallery.

At the Assembly of the Serbian Society for Rock Mechanics, held on December 12, 2019 at the Faculty of Mining and Geology, University of Belgrade. New members of the Presidency have been elected: Prof. Dr. Vladimir Čebašek, grad. mining engineer, president; Assi. Professor Dr. Miloš Marjanović, grad. geology engineer and Slobodan Radovanovic, mast. civil engineer, vice-presidents; Stevan Ćorluka, mast. geology engineer, secretary.

On the occasion of 85 years of standardization, the Institute for Standardization of Serbia awarded a letter of thanks to Nenad Radosavljević, B.Sc. eng. of mining, to a representative of the Belgrade Mining Institute, for a significant contribution to the development, implementation and promotion of standards and to the improvement of standardization in the Republic of Serbia. View photo and video gallery.

SRPSKI KRIVAK ASSOCIATION, Belgrade, November 18, 2019
On occasion marking the 60th anniversary of the Mining Institute аt the ceremonial academy awarded to the Charter of the Board of the Srpski Кrivak Association,  to Mining Institute for special merit and contributions development of mining science and engineering,  and to full members Dr. Milinko Radosavljević, director of the Mining institute, and Prof. Dr. Slobodan Vujić, foreign member of the Russian Academy of Sciences and the winner of the Srpski Кrivak Award, for their exceptional contribution to the work and results of the Mining Institute. See the photo and video gallery.

Excellent SME certificate
On October 28, 2019, the Serbian Chamber of commerce and industry awarded the Mining Institute with the Excellent SME certificate. Certification basis is credit report and regular monitoring from COFACE Serbia credit reportcompany.

Elacite Copper Mine, Etropole, Bulgaria, September 27-29, 2019.
Аssociates of the Mining Institute Dragan Milošević, Željko Praštalo, Violeta Čolaković, Vladan Čanović and Prof. Dr. Slobodan Vujić, on invitation as guest a studio to visit Elacite Copper Mine 27-29. September 2019. With annual production of 15 million tonnes of ore, 40 million cubic meters of tailings and 270 thousand tonnes of copper concentrate (22% Cu), the Elacite mine is today the largest copper ore mine in Europe, with automated production processes of the highest technical and technological standards. The visit was very successfully completed with a extremely cordial collegial reception. See photo gallery.

Minsk-Soligorsk, Belarus, September 5-6, 2019.
At the session of the High Academic Council and the Presidium of the Eurasian Academy of Mining Sciences, held on September 5-6, 2019 in Soligorsk near Minsk, Belarus, associates of the Mining Institute of Belgrade were elected as full members of the Eurasian Academyof Mining Science: Prof. Dr. Slobodan Vujić, Dr. Milinko Radosavljević and Dr. Svetomir Maksimović. As President of the Balkan Academy of Mining Sciences, Prof. Vujić was elected a member of the High Academic Council of the Eurasian Academy of Mining Sciences.